Teacher ki Chudai

“All right class, since college’s out in three minutes, you can use this
time to chat. The assignment is to read pages 52 to 63 and write a response to
it.” That was me, Miss Nandini Hari; English teacher and ordinary nice
person. I am 23 years old and have been teaching since I graduated from college
was about three years ago. I have black hair that goes down to the small of my
back. I’m about 5’7″ and a little bit under weight. I don’t think I’m very
pretty, but that’s not what other people say. The bell rang and everybody
jumped up from their seats. Neena Menon, a very attractive young woman of 18
came up to me. Now, I am not the kind of person who cares about rumors very
much, but I had heard from other people that Neena was a very loose girl. That
doesn’t particularly strike me as funny, but I always giggle like mad whenever
I think about it. I tried to keep a straight face as I asked her what she
needed. “Miss Hari?” “Yes?” “Could I, stay after
college today and work with you. I mean, you know how my grades are pretty bad
and everything… “She trailed off and looked at me hopefully with her
baby browns. Now that was only half true. While she had a ‘C-‘ if she didn’t
turn in this project that we were working on, her grade drop to a very definite
‘F.’ “Of course Neena. What do you want to work on?” The door clicked
shut as the last person left the room. Neena was wearing a tight cream salwaar
kharta embroidered with gold strands and white dupatta. She had a v-neck on the
kharta that exposed abit of cleavage at the top when she leant forward. Her
black hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail. If you looked more closely
at the v-neck, you could see her black bra poking out over her generous
breasts. We sat down at two of the desks and got to work. She was a smart girl
and seemed to pick up stuff pretty well. When I asked her what she was doing
for our class project however, she blushed and said that she hadn’t started on
it yet. After about half an hour of work, she winded up standing over me on my
left side with her right arm around my shoulder. I turned to say something to
her and got a generous look down her salwaar. I moved, or tried to, but I was
already pushed back against the backrest of the seat. She moved quickly and I
found myself with her sitting directly in my lap. Each of her legs were
straddling my lap and she had her hands around the back of my neck. She leaned
forward and whispered into my ear with the sexiest voice I have ever heard.
“Miss Hari, is there any other way I can get an ‘A’ in your class?”
With that, she leaned back and took off her salwaar. I got my second look at
her bra. It was fairly lacy with about three fourths coverage. I could see her
nipples underneath the black fabric. They were an erotic dark chocolate color.
She let go of her salwaar and it wafted gently to the floor. She grasped the
back of my head and pushed it to her chest. “Miss Hari?” She queried,
“If I make love to you, will you give me an ‘A’ in your class?” I
tried to say something but my throat was so dry that I could only manage a
feeble nod. I could smell the perfume on her chest and could hear her heart
thumping away. The smells and sounds were really turning me on. It was amazing
how such little things gave such extreme responses.She climbed off me and tugged
on the straps of her bra. Her fleshy breasts jiggled in a wonderful little
dance. She told me to go and sit in my chair with my legs parted. I went as she
commanded, feeling my nipples become stiff with apprehension. She set me down
and started to unravel my saree. She kissed her way closer to my waistline.
When she got to where the saree was tucked into my petticoat she grasped it in
her hands
and pulled it out completely. Now my saree was hanging open and I was
completely exposed save for my bra and below my waist.She pushed my petticoat
up so it was all around my belly button. I felt suprised to see myself slightly
wet. Neena grasped my filmy bikini underwear and tugged at it. It slid easily
over my legs and down to my ankles. She told me to hold her tits. I was
trembling since I have never had an experience like this before. I slid my
hands down her shoulders and cupped her breasts in my hands. I was amazed to
see how erect her nipples were and the wonderful feeling it was to have another
woman’s private parts in my hands. It appeared she was enjoying this more than
I was. Now, I don’t have a whole lot of pubic hair. I keep it trimmed very
short in a little diamond shape. This seemed only to please my student even
more. She looked up at me and gave out a very evil grin. She stuck her tongue
out tenderly and licked the top of my pussy just above the hair line. Oh god
what a feeling, I made a light moan and grabbed her breasts without control.
She entered me and lightly probed around. It appeared she had done this before.
It was an amazing feeling. I could feel this tensing muscle inside me, probing.
Sometimes it would harden, and sometimes it would just lick. There was a slight
tingle inside my womb as I could feel the beginning of an orgasm but it was about
a good five minutes away. I wanted her so badly and I moaned, willing for her
to continue. “Suck me, “I said. “Take my clit and rub it.”
Silently she obeyed. She hadn’t left my pussy since she had first entered it. I
was very close to coming now. Just a few more strokes with the tongue and I
would be over the edge. Past the point of no desirable return. I told her that
I was about to come and she just went faster. Faster. Oh my how dare she go
faster? It was not fair that a person of such youth should be able to make
women come so powerfully. Yes, and powerful it was, for when I came, I thrust
my hips upward so as to force every bit of her mouth inside me. She made a
little giggle as my sweet juices rained down on her. I have tasted my juices
before for other men but have never had another woman taste them. “Do- do
they taste good?” I moaned. My clit was still hard and I wanted to come
again. “Yes, “she whispered. “They are delicious. But you are
all wet, I must clean you.” With that she dove into me again. I don’t
think that I will ever get over that feeling of complete and total ecstasy that
I felt when she pushed her wet tongue into my crack. Unthinkingly, I took my
left hand and placed it on her nipple. I remember being so suprised because it
was the hardest thing I have ever felt except for maybe a rock. That single
nipple was such a turn on itself. I took that solitary nipple with my
forefinger and thumb and pressed it. She gasped inside me, letting the air in
her lungs out in a big whoosh. I felt that hot air go inside me and just
marveled at the fullness of it. I wanted that again so I took my other hand and
did the same thing with her other nipple. Now I had two bits of erotic stone
captured between my fingers. I took those pieces of rock, and I yanked on them.
Inside me, Neena screamed. I tugged on those two nipples, pulling her forward
into my pussy. She came forward eagerly and gummed into my clit. I mean this
literally. She pulled her lips over her teeth and bit. Then, when it was firm
between her lips she licked the tip of it that was in her mouth. Oh that
brought me over the edge so fast. I came, practically ripping her nipples off
her chest. Over and over the feeling of unrelenting pleasure flew throughout my
body. I could taste the sweat running down my face and into my mouth. I could
feel my ass gliding over the seat from the juices and sweat mixing to
michael jackson form a wonderful lubricant. Oh my yes, and I could feel her moaning. Moaning inside
me, begging for me to keep pulling her nipples. I took those nipples, and I
pulled them up to my mouth. There was a tiny protest from Neena that she was
supposed to be pleasuring me, but that quickly stopped when I closed my mouth
over her puckering nipple. Protests turned to whimpers, whimpers to gasps, and
gasps to screams as I forced her orgasm without even touching her pussy. Now
you might ask, where were her fingers while I pleasured her left breast? Well,
my dear, those wonderful fingers were inside me probing and forcing me to keep
licking her tit. Pleasure her I did, for I didn’t stop licking her for an
instant.We slipped and slided over my chair, and winded up on the floor,
kissing each other so passionately. Our pussy hair rubbed against each other’s
and we pressed them together willing the exchange of juices to take place. I
wanted to come again. I told her to make me come or I won’t give her an ‘A’.
She moaned back to me that she didn’t even care about the grade anymore, she
just wanted to fuck me. She laid down on her back and opened her mouth. Her
tongue, glistening with my spit and juices more than her own saliva, was
licking her lips suggestively. I got on all fours and lowered myself into her.
Facing her pussy, I desired to watch what happened to her as she orally fucked
another woman. From the sight of it, her pussy enjoyed it as much as I did. It
was hard to keep my eyes open with the pleasure I was receiving. She moved her
legs around, letting her juices flow out of her and soak my carpet. Soon, I
couldn’t take the sight anymore. I leaned forward and put my mouth over her
soaking slit. As I kissed her wonderful sex for the first time, I heard her
scream and felt her arch her back. I saw her clitoris practically fly out of
her slit to greet me. “Suck me!” screamed her clitoris, “suck me
now!!!” I was almost too happy to oblige. I sent my mouth downward, and
entered her. As I stuck my tongue into her pussy, I felt a wonderful swelling
and soon my mouth was full of sticky sweet juices. I had made a girl come! Oh
god that was more a turn on than anyone can possibly imagine. I didn’t stop
there however, while I was impossibly close to coming myself, I wanted her to
have mutual satisfaction. We must achieve orgasm at the same time. I know it is
so, it is written in the books. So plunge into her I did. Relishing our
sixty-nine and making it work. A while later, it could have been thirty seconds
it could have been three minutes, both of us were bucking wildly forcing our
tongues farther and farther into each others pussy. We came so hard that I was
suprised someone in the college didn’t hear. She got an ‘A+’ on her report

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